Thursday, May 05, 2005

Anarchists+Cops+Racists=A Surprisingly Dull Event

Being a citizen of the once-great city of St. Louis, I try to keep up with the actions of our local political malcontents. I recently came across this on the St. Louis Indymedia site:

Every White Supremacist Uprooted is a Fertile Field
The racist motherf*ckers at the Council of Conservative Citizens intend to further offend and threaten the Latino and Mexican-American community by conveniently holding their fourth annual “Immigration Reform Rally” on Cinco de Mayo. We will not allow this brand of intimidation to occur; let’s let them know that our city is off limits to their hate
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
6 pm
St. Peters
Corner of Mexico Road and Spencer Road (just south east of Mid Rivers Mall)

So a bunch of dreadlocked anarchists are going to try to prevent some racists from exercising their right to free speech? I feel safer already. Anyway, this promises to be something of a non-event. If past counter-protests like this are any guide, there will be lots of name-calling between the two groups, and a heavy police presence to keep them apart. And even if the cops weren’t there, what then? Would the anarchists actually beat the CCC members up? Who comes off looking like a bunch of thugs then?


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