Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Anarchists For Jesus

In the course of my recent explorations of extremism on the web I came across this site, which is maintained by a group of Anarchist Christians. They intersperse polemics against the state and capitalism with relevant passages from scripture. While one might be tempted to dismiss this as an elaborate joke, they seem to be completely on the level. They are certainly putting forward a unique viewpoint, and it would be interesting to see if more traditional anarchist groups would be willing to accept anti-state radicals who operate from a Christian perspective.


Blogger Anonymous said...

Look up Dorothy Day or Leo Tolstoy or Gerrard Winstanley. The tradition of a Christian spiritualism in Anarchism has a few centuries of history.

4:49 AM  
Blogger Henry Garfield said...

I’m somewhat familiar with Tolstoy’s Christian anti-statist beliefs. I was more making the point that in the contemporary American anarchist movement, this group is certainly unique. Most anarchists today seem to operate from an extremely anti-Christian viewpoint.

1:35 PM  
Blogger disciple13 said...

as a christian anarchist who has run with affinity groups and direct action cells comprised of predominantly "contemporary anarchist" I can tell you that I have never been attacked for my beliefs (although some conversations are pretty comical, and I get always get 'the rev' or 'pope' for a nickname). surprisingly, despite an often athiestic philosophy, many of the anarchists I have run with have had a church background and would admit that their anarchists beliefs rose out of their church experiences. and, i think you are incorrect in your assessment that most anarchists operate from an extremely anti-christian viewpoint. a percentage of the visible mainstream anarchist activity in the u.s. today is rooted in mennonite and quaker theology. the fact that mainstream anarchists and christian anarchist seek the same final solution, a society based on mutual aid and respect, creates an acceptable relationship for most of those that I have come into contact with. additionally, their are more brands of anarchists than beer in the world, and you tend to find most of them working together. Also, not many 'brands' are 'pure'. although i subscribe to christian anarchist as a sufficient enough title for where i stand, fully i'd say that i'm something like a social green christian anarchist.

anyway, as a jesus radical registered user, i'm glad you found us. spend some time might be very surprised at the level of intelligence and the real desire to discern not only exact theory but dilligent practice to create the world we want to see. plus, it's a cool community and pretty funny at times...

4:51 AM  

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