Friday, June 24, 2005

PETA’s Public Relations Nightmare Continues

Removing the Bodies

While admitting that the dumping of animal’s bodies into trash dumpsters is “hideous”, PETA is still defending Adria Joy Hinkle and Andrew Benjamin Cook, two of its employees who have been charged with animal cruelty in North Carolina (see below). The organization claims that the animals were humanely euthanized, and that the charges will eventually be dropped. Giving that the animals were killed in the back of a van by two persons who are not veterinarians, that may not turn out to be that case. The animal shelters involved are also miffed, claiming that they were told by PETA that the animals they turned over would be put up for adoption, and only euthanized as a last resort. This seems confirm a lot of the allegations I’ve heard over the years regarding PETA’s lack of ethical standards and their general creepiness.


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