Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ah, The Great Times We Had

For a really depressing look into the mindset of animal rights extremists, check out the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Press Office. It lists a chronological series of crimes which anonymous ALF members have taken credit for. What’s interesting here is how few of the listed actions actually involved helping animals in any way. In almost all of the cases, private or corporate property was vandalized because the owners had committed some action that had angered the local ALF people. For instance, a university president’s home was vandalized because of his choice to invite a representative of the pharmaceutical industry to speak at a school function. Apparently, this ticked off the animal rights folks because the said representative has done business with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmith Kline, who in turn has given money to the Huntingdon Animal Research faculty, a favorite target of animal rights fanatics. When I was a kid, I committed some acts of property destruction myself. But unlike these losers, even at age 16 I had the personal integrity to admit that sometimes it’s just fun to thumb your nose at society and raise hell. I never felt to need to justify my youthful indiscretions with a confused political doctrine that I would discard as soon as I reached adulthood (although it’s worth noting that some animal rights people never seem to leave behind the ignorance and irrationalism of youth). But at any rate, it should give them some fond memories to look back on as they mature into inactive, boring leftists.


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