Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jews For Hitler

File this one under news of the weird. This enlightening article describes the growing problem of neo-Nazi skinhead activity in Israel. Most of the young people involved are recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union who possess only a small amount of Jewish ancestry. They are often rejected by other Israelis due to their predominantly non-Jewish blood as well as their inability to speak Hebrew. Focusing their rage on the ultra-conservative Hasidic Jews who they feel are most representative of their persecution, these pseudo-Nazis vandalize Jewish houses of worship and cemeteries, as well as run anti-Semitic websites. They members of this neo-Nazi underground obviously view Judaism to be a religion and a culture rather than an ethnic group, and so do not see themselves as being truly Jewish just because they have perhaps a single Jewish grandparent. Many of them state a desire to return to the former USSR where they can be back among their fellow gentiles. It is of course highly unlikely that neo-Nazis in other parts of the world would accept these persons as legitimate national socialists, given their mixed ethnicity. They might be better off staying where they are, playing the role of the Nazi bogyman to a shocked Israeli population, rather than go back home and be reminded that they are, in the eyes of their fellow white power skinheads, Jewish.


Blogger RabbiReuvenGreen said...

My name is Rabbi Reuven Green and I am the Reich Chancellor of Jews for Hitler based in the USA. You can view my comments on The Insurgent's website at - see the
News/Views and I go back over 9 years of doing this.

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Blogger RabbiReuvenGreen said...

If you are Jewish and fed up of the fact that being Jewish is nothing more than a liabliltiy to you, contact me at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews for Hitler is going into its 15th year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to for my ungoing dialog with Tom Metzger's Insurgent organization. I have a story to tell.

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