Monday, August 07, 2006

Alex Linder Gets Some Free Press

Alex Linder, operator the rabid white supremacist website Vanguard News Network (VNN), recently got some major media attention after he encouraged his readers to murder a Canadian judge. It seems that the judge in question had sentenced a local white power guy to nine months in jail for contempt of court after said numbskull refused the judge’s order to stop posting racist screeds on Linder’s site. Linder responded to the sentence by writing:

"Killing Warman, 'judge' von Finckenstein, or any of the jews who make up the dictatorial 'human rights' council . . . would be a genuine act of patriotism."

A complaint from the Canadian authorities lead to VNN’s server pulling the plug on the site, but Linder had it back up within a couple of days. There has been talk of a federal investigation into Linder’s comments. But unless my understanding of first amendment law is way off base, I doubt he has done anything illegal. In the meantime, Linder no doubt plans to use this little episode as a means to further promote his website.


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