Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Black Nazi? Well, Why Not?

In what has become a fairly commonplace occurrence within the white supremacist subculture, yet another prominent neo-Nazi has been found to have a less then pure racial pedigree. This time it was William Hoff Jr. (AKA “Wild Bill”), a member of the original American Nazi Party and an active white supremacist since the 1950’s. Hoff had in recent years been an associate of the National Socialist Movement, and was named as the party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate just hours before being killed in a car wreck outside of Kansas City, MO. Now Hoff’s brother Sheldon has revealed that his genealogical research has shown an unmistakable trace of African-American ancestry in the family’s history. Of course, William Hoff’s old comrades are crying foul, claiming that Sheldon never approved of his brother’s politics, and is now seeking a form of posthumous revenge by releasing false information regarding his racial background. Perhaps. Or perhaps you in fact just never know exactly what lurks in your family background until you look.


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