Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nazi Skinheads Are Scumbags

As regular readers of this blog have likely figured out, I’m not a big fan of white nationalists in general. Genocidal ambitions aside, they tend to be a personably unlikable bunch. But I will admit that occasionally a reasonably intelligent white supremacist thinker like William Pierce or James Mason emerges who actually has something interesting to say. However, the neo-Nazi skinhead movement has, throughout its existence, attracted the kind of individuals one is likely to meet at a cockfighting event or a Methamphetamine Anonymous meeting. Consider this story from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report (which is always a good source for the latest racist gossip). It details the sad story of Amanda Crow, a teenage girl of questionable judgment who got tied up with a crew of Arizona Nazi skins. (I’m not sure why, but that state has a history of producing particularly noxious examples of white power skinheads.) When her fellow Aryans suspected she might become a police informant, they severely beat her and slashed her throat in the presence of her children, then left her for dead in the desert. Crow managed to survive the assault, and her attackers have been sentenced (or will shortly be sentenced) to lengthy prison terms. This blazing stupidity and utter lack of respect for human life are typical of the Nazi skinhead subculture. Unfortunately, our society still contains a large enough population of genetically deficient rednecks to ensure that this movement will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.


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