Wednesday, November 28, 2007

White Power People Are Easily Offended

I recently found this article online detailing how many middle aged divorced women from Britain have been traveling to Kenya for the purpose of meeting young African men for sex. While reading it, I considered how upset my white supremacist brethren would be when they caught wind of this, seeing as that interracial sex (particularly involving white women and black men) seems to be a sore spot with them. Sure enough, within hours I found this post on Stormfront that has whopping fourteen pages of comments from bitching and moaning neo-Nazis. Some of my favorite quips were:

“Most sickening story I've heard this morning. Those women who do it so they can have sex should be hanged. Old age is about peace and reflecting on his/her past life and being smart. Not becoming a sex fiend/whore.”

Another poster holds onto a tenuous sliver of hope:

“I wonder if any of these women are jewish women?? They may be jews! Jewish people are always described as "White"... so I'm hoping for the best here!”

And finally, one of them points out the obvious conclusion in all of this:

“White women are definitely [sic] the weak link of the white race.”

Maybe the white power people should start advocating an Islamist approach to the problem: Keep these “weak” white women confined to their family’s homes until they can be put into arranged marriages. That appears to be the only way to keep them away from the temptations of black flesh.


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