Saturday, May 21, 2005

The National Alliance Soap Opera Continues

Attacks against what’s left of the once mighty National Alliance continue to mount within the white supremacist movement. Resistance Records (the oi music label owned by the NA) has created a new section on their webpage dedicated exclusively to refuting this online guttersnipe. You know things are getting bad when you see a NA official posting messages like this:

Erika Gliebe [wife of former NA chairman Erich Gliebe] is NOT and has NEVER been on payroll.
Erika Gliebe has NOT and has NEVER danced for n*gger basketball players or worshipped Satan, or has ever been a prostitute.
Erich Gliebe is NOT and has NEVER been a thief.
Shaun Walker [current NA chairman] is NOT and would NEVER over-charge members dues money.
Get your facts straight before you waste an hour of your day posting your lies, VNN!!!! Or are you getting paid to post these lies?

This section also contains lots of attacks on Kevin Strom, leader of the latest NA splinter group, National Vanguard. Among the accusations is that Strom’s marrying a woman of low genetic quality led to his son being born with autism. Nice.
It seems that many local NA chapters are unsure of how to deal with this mess.The St. Louis chapter of the NA, led by Aaron Collins, is one of the most active in the nation. Their website contains links to both Strom’s National Vanguard site and Resistance Records. They still refer to themselves as a NA chapter, but their e-mail address is Given the venom being spewed between Strom and the NA leadership, it is unlikely that Collins and other NA members like him will be able to fence-sit for much longer.


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