Saturday, July 02, 2005

You Think HE’S the Victim?

Chai Vang

The American far left loves to latch onto a murderer every couple of years and claim the person has in fact been railroaded by the system. Huey Newton, Leonard Peltier, and Mumia Abu Jamal have all filled this role in recent years The latest killer to be elevated to the status of martyr is Chai Vang, a Laotian immigrant who killed six persons and wounded two others as the result a hunting dispute in Wisconsin last November. Even for the radical left, Vang would seem to be a difficult man to defend. He admits to chasing down several of his victims and shooting them in the back. Two of those shot were unarmed women. But leave it to these jerks to come up a defense. They claim that Vang acted in (get this) self-defense, protecting himself against a white mob bent on lynching him for the crime of trespassing. Admittedly, Vang claims that he was taunted with racial slurs, and that a shot was fired in his direction before he returned fire. Even if that turns out to be the case, it would hardly excuse the resulting carnage. Yet Daryl Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project urged that the trial be moved to a town 300 miles away, so as to insure that the jury is not swayed by the locals who are, as he puts it, “idiots who let their hatred get the better of them”. The leftists have rushed to Vang’s defense, with posters referring to the murdered persons as “inbred hill billys”, and the vegans commenting that anyone who kills a sentient animal for food deserves to be shot.
The most depressing thing about this case is that it does to some extent confirm one charge that white power people often make against their leftist adversaries: That those on the far left are anti-white, and will always take the side of minority persons, regardless of the circumstances.


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If you think my site is leftist, you didn't read it. Thanks for the link, though.



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