Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some Questions Are Best Left Unanswered

Kevin Alfred Strom, leader of the National Alliance splinter group National Vanguard, seems quite excited about the current advances being made in the field of DNA testing. It appears that a testing firm is now offering a blood screen that can determine, with a good level of accuracy, the racial background of the subject. The test is apparently precise enough to detect the differences between close ethnic groups, such as Jewish and gentile Europeans. Strom is of course excited about the prospects for the tests’ future use as a prerequisite for being granted citizenship in a “white homeland”. But he and other white supremacists might be wary about using the test within their own groups. Considering the large number of white power people who have recently been outed as being black, Latino, and Jewish, it is likely that they would have to expel a decent number of their own members. And keep in mind that all of these exposed racists knew about their ethnic background and chose to hide it from their comrades. Given the melting pot element of American culture (and the level of adultery in our society), who truly knows the precise makeup of their bloodline? Some of these people might be quite disturbed at what they would discover about themselves.


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