Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Genocide In New Orleans

There seems to be more than enough blame to go around concerning the tremendous loss of life in New Orleans. I suspect some pretty big political heads will role before the debate dies down. Of course, there are a few who claim that the unacceptably high death count was due not to governmental incompetence, but was in fact the result of a deliberate campaign of genocide being waged against the African-American population by the federal government. These theories are mostly to be found amongst the more fringe elements of the black political scene, and of course those lovable conspiracy-obsessed leftists. The most clearly expressed explanation of this claim was given in an article written by an anarcho-commie twit named Kirsten Anderberg. Ms. Anderberg lays out the basic theory: The U.S. government hates black folks, and deliberately held up the relief efforts as part of a slow, deliberate campaign to kill off the black population of America. Wow. And I thought I had a low opinion of the current administration. In another screed, Ms. Anderberg proclaims, “Only Whites Claim Katrina's Poor Response is NOT Racist”. From her tone, I gather that that means all of those said whites are racist. Well, f*ck you too. Just in case you thought that this woman is an isolated nutcase, I found the links to her columns under the official news section of the San Francisco Independent Media page, which is a widely read leftist site in the Bay area. (And while you’re on Kristen’s site, make sure to check out her Vulva Library. It’s good for some bizarre laughs. )


Blogger The Bookhouse Boy said...

This Modern World, the website of the funny but too far left Tom Tomorrow, had an excerpt from Anderberg the other day, wondering why a white male would get angry because she was accusing our nation of genocide.

You know, there are two groups getting really fired up right now: people who hate Bush and people who hate black people.

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