Thursday, March 02, 2006

One People's Project Does An Ideological Somersault

One of the hallmarks of extremist thinking is its rigidity. Core values must be maintained, no matter how ridiculous they become. For example, leftists (both here and abroad) make hatred of the United States one of their primary tenants. To maintain otherwise is foolishness. This is why Noam Chomsky attacked president Clinton when he authorized the humanitarian missions to Somalia and Kosovo. He simply could not conceive of the U.S. government actually acting out of benevolent intentions. This brings me to a recent article posted on the One People’s Project (OPP) website which attempts to rationalize the riots in the Muslim world after the publication of the infamous cartoons. Given that traditional Islam is a faith that horribly oppresses women and allows for virtually no freedom of speech, you would think that leftists might be a tiny bit critical of it. But the jihadists are enemies of the U.S., and therefore the “good guys” in the far left’s twisted worldview. The author of the article states, “Freedom of the press does not exist to insult other countries.” Perhaps he should check out some Islamic papers, which regularly insult not only president Bush but also the American people in general. He also suggests that “What these riots are really about, and what the Middle East hatred for the west is, too, is about the Middle East being outraged that the Western World has no respect for its culture [but I love hummus!]/values [like stoning women for adultery]/beliefs [in homicidal god], its people [would that include the suicide bombers?], and its property [I assume you mean their wives].” To top off the hilarity, the main OPP page sports a banner that reads, “Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated”. I would love to see these leftist assh*les go to one of the backwater Muslim counties they venerate and see how “tolerant” the locals are of them.


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