Thursday, June 15, 2006

The National Alliance Takes Another Hit

Shawn Walker

As regular readers of this blog no doubt know, the National Alliance (NA) has of late fallen on hard times. At one point, it was the largest and best organized neo-Nazi group in the country. A series of management blunders and petty squabbles has resulted membership dropping to less then 200 persons, and the organization is regularly mocked and attacked by other groups within the racist right. The final nail in the NA’s coffin may have been driven this week with the arrest of the group’s leader, Shawn Walker, on federal civil rights charges. According to the indictment, Walker and two other individuals carried out several assaults on minority persons at bars and restaurants in the Salt Lake City area while Walker was the NA unit leader in that city. The feds claim that these assaults constituted a deliberate campaign to intimidate minority persons into avoiding certain establishments; thus the civil rights charge. Most white power people out there feel that the case is fairly flimsy, and is politically motivated. I would tend to agree. But given that Walker has dedicated his adult life to spreading the gospel of Adolph Hitler, he may find little sympathy from a jury.


Blogger Anchorage Activist said...

Utah is still overwhelmingly white. Consequently, the jury is likely to reflect the demographics.

The question is, will the white jury want to "bend over backwards to prove they're not 'racist'" by convicting the Shaun Walker trio, or will they overcome their diversity brainwashing and their fear of the "racist" tag sufficiently to do the right thing and acquit these guys.

The chances of the latter outcome are pretty good. Judge Alba has already released Massey and Egbert each on his own recognizance, merely instructing them to report in regularly. Obviously the judge must believe this case is little more than smoke and mirrors.

One new development: It appears the National Alliance may be washing their hands of Eric Egbert, simply because he is a FORMER member of the NA. If you read the transcript of the latest ADV broadcast posted on the National Alliance News Service website, you'll find that the NA proposes to help only Walker and Massey with their defense, NOT Egbert. No explanation of this variation is provided.

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