Friday, June 09, 2006

Sally Jacobsen Gets Off Easy

It looks like Sally Jacobsen (the feminist professor at Northern Kentucky University who encouraged her students to destroy a pro-life display on campus) may be able to escape criminal charges if she completes successful mediation with the university’s administration and the campus pro-life group whose display she vandalized. It would seem that this whole incident has not impressed the value of the first amendment on professor Jacobsen. As she recently stated:

"If I'd known it would have been construed as a crime, I would never have done it [So you’re just sorry you got caught.]... I never intended to deprive anybody of their freedom of speech [Say what?]. The display was not in the free speech area of the university [“Free Speech Area”. An Orwellian tern if I’ve ever heard one.]... I'm very sorry I did what I did." [Bit late for that.]

Jacobsen’s student followers were lucky enough to get off the hook with community service. I sincerely hope the pro-life group whose display was destroyed is considering civil suits.


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