Saturday, April 08, 2006

The American Taliban

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published this rather informative article on Christian reconstrctionists and their efforts to win coverts among more mainstream protestant churches. Reconstrctionists, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, are Christians who believe that our society and government should be run according to a literal interpretation of the Old Testament. For an amusing look at some of the more bizarre laws we would have to obey under such a system, check out this site. (Thanks to Dan for the link.) While you’re at it log onto Texe Mars’ site. He’s an old school reconstructionist, and his newsletter is a hoot. A recent quote regarding mainstream Christian churches:

At any given time you can take a look across the bow of today’s Christian establishment and you’ll see a vast sea of unfathomable, bizarre conduct. Wild men and women everywhere, doing their thing, blaspheming God and His Word, partying, frolicking, laughing like hyenas, wild as loons. God must surely be heartsick at what he is seeing.

Geez, I went I got dragged off to church as a kid there was defiantly no partying or frolicking of any kind going on. I must have gone to one of the uncool churches or something.


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