Thursday, March 23, 2006

Those Wacky Anarchists Are At It Again!

The recent release of the film V for Vendetta has created some interesting reactions within the anarchist subculture. Although the film apparently removes most of the source comic’s references to anarchism, our dreadlock-encrusted friends have decided that this is a prime opportunity to educate the masses as to the benefits of living in a society free of cops, laws, and indoor plumbing. Never mind that the protagonist of the Alan Moore comic book is clearly insane, and that the story paints the period after the fall of the state as being one of roving gangs and food shortages. The anarchists are going to pass out flyers outside of the film’s screenings in an effort to get people to visit a website that ties what they’ve just seen with anti-state indoctrination. More entertainingly, they promise to “Engage audience through costumed role playing of 'deleted scenes'—acting out portions of the graphic novel where V speaks in support of anarchy.” Can you imagine how yuppies and teenyboppers would react to such a display? Anyone who can direct me to a video of this hilarity will receive a place of honor in the annals of Extreme Politics.

On a side note, a writer from the Wall Street Journal used the release of the movie as a starting point for an article that provides a well-reasoned attack on anarchism both in its past and present incarnations. The responses given by the anarchist range from the humorous to the bizarre. I especially enjoyed how they quickly distance themselves from Leon Tolstoy’s pacifist interpretation of anarchy, arguing that terrorism will be a completely appropriate course of action once the tactical situation calls for it. And they have the nerve to complain when the very state they seek to violently destroy uses any amount of force against them.


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