Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Sexual Implications Of Protest

While on one of my seemly endless link treks across the great expanse of YouTube, I came across this clip taken an anti-war protest in Tacoma, Washington last March. It vividly illustrates the bizarre symbiotic relationship that often exists between police officers and persons on the extreme left. The protestors face a line of cops in what appears to be an empty field. They taunt, chant, insult, and generally try to piss off the police. After the protestors try to push back the police line, and cops finally respond with the predictable barrage of rubber bullets and mace. The protestors have the nerve to act shocked, and scream to all who will listen about the outrage they have just been subjected to. In one of the accompanying clips filmed prior to the violence, the lefties claim the cops are violating their rights because their “medics” are not allowed to bring their backpacks into the protest area. The presence of these hippies with first aid training posing medical professionals indicates that they expected to take causalities. So why the shock when the police inflict those causalities? The answer of course is their need for martyrdom. There are all kinds of ways of protesting the war that might be more effective than this one. Yet they choose a method of protest that almost ensures their own injury. This illustrates the perverse pleasure many leftists experience when they are brutalized by authority figures. They revel in their weakness, and in fact seem to enjoy it.

Of course, the cops also play a their own part in this pseudo-sexual drama. They fulfill their own need for power and dominance by cracking the heads of a bunch of unarmed (if obnoxious) hippies. They make no effort to try to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and instead use brutal tactics to sate their sadistic needs. It’s a perverse dynamic. But it is one that is actually quite consensual in its nature.


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