Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bill White May Have Finally Gone Too Far

Bill White is a man with a twisted past. Starting out in his teen years as an anarchist, he slowly made a political 180-degree tern, ending up as a rabid National Socialist. He now runs overthrow.com, a website devoted to publishing some the most vile racism to be found on the internet. White has never been afraid to push the envelope, but he may have finally taken things a bit too far. He recently posted the home addresses and phone numbers of five of the six young black men referred to in the media as the “Jena 6”. As SHAC found out the hard way, posting people’s personal information on the internet with the intention of causing them physical harm is a crime in the U.S. White may soon face such charges, as the FBI is looking into his website and considering legal action. Even most other white supremacists have distanced themselves from him, feeling he has become an embarrassment to the cause. There should be some kind of special award for people who get kicked out of the white power scene for being too offensive.


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