Monday, August 20, 2007

Prussian Blue Is Very Popular With Imprisoned Pedophiles

I while back I wrote a piece on the musical horror that is Prussian Blue. The 15-year-old twins Lynx and Lamb Gaede continue to garner mainstream press coverage and rave reviews in white power circles. In my last post on them, I mused that it would be interesting when the girls hit their rebellious phase and began to question the National Socialist drivel handed to them by their mom April. That day has apparently come. For some inscrutable reason, April Gaede allowed a British journalist to film the family at home over a period of several months. The resulting documentary “Nazi Pop Twins” is, as might be expected, rather scathing. It shows a couple of fairly normal teenage girls who are increasing uncomfortable with their family’s weirdness, but unwilling to defy their manipulative mother directly. The creepiest scene comes when the family gets onto a speakerphone with David Lane, the recently deceased white power author who was at the time serving a 190-year prison term. Lane remarks that while he used to regard the girls cute kids, now that they have reached puberty they are his “fantasy sweethearts”. This remark and other suggestive comments elicit no reaction from April or the twins. One might guess that the girls are used to this sort of treatment, having been ogled by drunken skinheads at white power festivals for years now. There does seem to be some glimmer of hope, as the twins appear to be rejecting some of their mom’s more radical positions. They are also beginning to write apolitical pop songs, much to April’s chagrin. Their maternal grandmother also seems to be acting as positive influence, describing how here family’s political beliefs have made her and the girl’s lives miserable. April Gaede has written a missive on Stormfront in which she claims that the film’s director edited several scenes in misleading ways, and that her mother’s comments should not be taken seriously, as the woman is suffering from Alzheimer’s (she seems pretty lucid in the interviews). I for one will most solemnly pledge that if the twins eventually reject their mother and her teachings, I will cease mocking them on this site.


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