Monday, July 30, 2007

Texe Marrs Goes Off The Deep End

When I was a young lad just starting to dip into the bizarre world of extremist thought, Texe Marrs was one of my favorites. He’s a right-wing Protestant preacher from Texas. For years, Marrs supported himself by writing books on business management and similar topics. But in 1987 he published the seminal work Dark Secrets of the New Age. The book described an alleged plot by pagans, businessmen, and world politicians to enact a satanic one-world government. The book also listed 88 signs that the world was going to end in 1988. Luckily, the predicted rapture did not occur, allowing Marrs to hone his conspiracy theories over the following years. As a youngster I also greatly enjoyed Marrs’ book Big Sister is Watching You, an exposé on Hillary Clinton’s alleged lesbianism and paganism (The books’ back cover asks the question “Does she want to be president?” Looks Like Texe may have some great new material come next year.) After being on his mailing list for quite some time, I lost track of Marrs and what he was up to until recently, when I stumbled upon his new website called (appropriately enough) “Conspiracy World”. The site shows that Marrs has gone from being a rather odd right wing preacher to being a full out paranoid anti-Semitic reconstructionist. There’s hours of entertainment here for people who are eccentric enough to enjoy this sort of material. I would particularly recommend reading Marr’s sermons and listening to his podcasts for does of unadulterated wackiness. Some of his links are a lot of fun too. Among the neo-Nazi rants and predictions of the coming apocalypse, you can find “Open Your Mind”, which has got to be one of the strangest and most extreme conspiracy videos I’ve ever seen. Set to techno music (!), it shows how just about every corporate and government logo you’ve ever seen is based on the Satanic pentagram, Wiccan owl, illuminati pyramid, or a representation of the sun god. I’d like to think that it’s a joke, but I know better than that by now.


Blogger paul eric said...

at least the man tells what the bible relly says about the false chosen ones...i use to be one of the brain washed who belived they where the chosen ones....they took(the jews) christ message and trunned it into a race bassed religon...the bible states they will be a sMALL REMINATE OF THEM SAVED...THEY REJECTED CHRIST THEN AND MOSR DO STILL...AND NO MARRER HOW MUCH SCROPTURE TWISTIB=NG YOU DO THE TRUTH WILL SHINE THREW,I RESPECT AND THANK MR TEXE MARRS

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