Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hail Bill Riccio!

Back in 1993, I caught a documentary on TV called “Skinheads USA: Soldiers of Hate”. The film focused on the exploits of one Bill Riccio, a rather offish skinhead leader from Alabama. In addition to being a rather unsavory character in general, Riccio had the unusual habit of surrounding himself with pubescent boys, all of who idolized him as their skinhead den father. At the time I thought he looked like a pedophile. Not surprisingly, I was right. Those reliable muckrakers at the Southern Poverty Law Center recently issued an article which includes testimony from the now grown men who were once among Riccio’s circle of skinheads (tellingly, they were all interviewed from prison). They recount several incidents in which Riccio attempted to or succeeded in sodomizing them. Riccio for his part brushes off the claims, stating that they are being made by bitter former associates who are trying to discredit him. Check out this clip from the aforementioned documentary and decide for yourself.


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