Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bill White: Neo-Nazi Rebel Or Protected Informant?

I’ve mentioned Bill White a few times previously on this site, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has just published a detailed biography on the man. He’s a true rabble-rouser, a white power activist who actually succeeds in pissing off and offending his fellow racists. His website, overthrow.com, has served for years as the Internet’s best source of gossip on the white supremacist scene. Some of what he printed was true, much of it not, but it was always entertaining. White has also acted as a disruptive force within racist organizations, most recently causing trouble within the National Socialist Movement, leading to his censure and resignation from the group. White has recently gained much media attention as a result of his online threats directed against just about anyone who displeases him, as well as the posting or his target’s phone numbers and home addresses. As the SHAC 7 found out a while ago, the federal government has recently shown no compunction in charging political activists with crimes as a result of posting online threats. This raises the question of why White has never been indicted as the result of his activities. One explanation is that he has been very lucky. The second is that he is an FBI informant. Given the recent revelation that the caustic racist Hal Turner was on the fed’s payroll, it doesn’t seem to be too much of a stretch to think that White might be cashing in on the same racket. Even if he is not in fact working for the government, they could hardly ask for a better ally than White, who has succeeded in disrupting the white nationalist movement in the US better than any other single individual.


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