Monday, March 17, 2008

John McCain Ponders A Running Mate

Sorry to mention David Duke again, but I just found this bit of weirdness on the Internet and had to share. This site claims to be in favor of putting together a Republican Party “dream ticket”: John McCain and David Duke. There are a couple of ways to interpret this. It could all be a big joke, played by leftists intending to highlight McCain’s “fascist” attitudes. Similarly, it could be meant as an attack on the GOP nominee, hoping that some gullible voters accept the idea as plausible. The thing about satire and political attacks is that they are usually pretty easy to spot. Weather the object is humor or an attack, the writers always push it a little too hard, saying things that no serious author would suggest. Given the tone of this site, it’s either on of the most straight-faced parody pieces ever, or, more likely, it’s completely serious. Assuming they mean what they write, the site’s authors are clearly out of touch with political reality. The idea of McCain even accepting an endorsement from a known racist like Duke, let alone adding him to his ticket, is absurd. And for what it’s worth, Duke has said that given McCain’s stances on illegal immigration, Israel, and other racial issues, Duke would “put his fingers into a fire” before voting for him. So who will Duke support in the general election? He’s leaning towards Ralph Nader.


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