Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Couch Potato Gets His Assets Frozen

Frank Weltner

Frank Weltner is a somewhat well-know person here in the St. Louis area. He hosted his own AM radio show under the moniker “Couch Potato”, until it was cancelled due to its blatantly racist content. Weltner also runs Jew Watch, a site dedicated to cataloging the alleged plot by Jewish persons to destroy the “Aryan” race. He was (and perhaps still is) an important National Alliance member here in the Midwest. Yesterday I heard a clip from one of Weltner’s radio broadcasts on NPR. No doubt he would have been very pleased with the publicity had it not been in connection with civil proceedings being brought against him. It seems that Weltner has over the last few days put up at least ten different sites claiming to be collecting money for hurricane Katrina relief. The Missouri attorney general took a rather dim view of this, and froze his assents, claiming that Weltner was in fact funneling the collected funds into his own pocket. Given the gravity of the offense, criminal charges are likely. It’s hard to know what to make of Weltner. He’s a hardcore anti-Semite who until recently lived with a gay Jewish man. Other white supremacists seem to think he’s either mentally unbalanced, gay, a self-loathing Jew, or all of the above. Whatever Weltner’s true inner feelings, if it is proven in court that he fraudulently solicited relief funds, he may find himself facing some very serious consequences.


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