Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anarcho-Punk Imbeciles Riot At British Invasion 2K6

Rioting-The Unbeatable High

-Jello Biafra

It appears that the British Invasion 2K6 concert recently held in California tuned into a fun night for everyone involved. The Nazi skinheads got to do what they do best (start trouble and then run away), the anarchist punks got to do what they live for (throw bottles at the cops and vandalize local businesses), and the cops got to use all of that cool riot control training they’ve received by terrorizing said punks.

For those of you not familiar with what happened, the concert was a huge show featuring a bunch of second wave British punk acts like Vice Squad and the Adicts. Apparently, there were a handful of Nazi skinheads among the crowd of 1,500. The Nazis started giving white power salutes and yelling at the bands, bringing the wrath of the crowd upon them. At this point, someone got stabbed, and the cops responded by setting off tear gas both inside and outside the venue. The punks then proceeded to use the events as a pretext to generally act like a bunch of fools (check out some interesting videos and photos of the riot here, here, and here). The cops quickly got the situation under control, but not before some major property destruction went down, leaving local civic leader to fret that the whole thing will discourage businesses from coming to the area.

As a wayward youth, I was a pretty heavily involved in the punk scene myself. It was just this kind of blatant, pervading idiocy that made me stop going to shows. In this case, I would have to say that the cops, the Nazis, and the punks were three groups of people who absolutely deserved each other.


Blogger The Bookhouse Boy said...

On Wikipedia, there's the supposedly objective article, and behind it is the discussion that went into writing it.

Everything you need to know about f*cking anarchists is right here:

10:58 PM  
Blogger Henry Garfield said...

I love how they maintain that no one should pay attention to anarcho-capitalists because their numbers within the anarchist movement are “insignificant”. What percentage of Americans are even anarchists in the first place? Not anywhere close to a significant number, I’d wager.

1:12 AM  
Blogger togetherwesurvive! said...

pretty crazy night was there my friend got beat i took in some gas..its was bad soo much chaos..lovely night really missed alot of the headliner bands but saw alot of kick ass ones

12:17 AM  

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