Monday, July 10, 2006

Neo-Nazis Go To War

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a somewhat interesting report on white power people serving in the United States military. It seems that recruiters are having a difficult time filling their quotas given the unpopular war in Iraq. In response, they’ve lowered their standards, allowing persons with minor criminal records to enlist as well as upping the maximum age for joining. In some cases, they’ve also been looking the other way on people with racist tattoos or those who have clear affiliations with white supremacist groups (government regulations stipulate that persons who are members of extremist political groups may not serve in the armed forces). A few white power organizations have encouraged their members to join in the hope that they will receive training that will be useful in the coming race war. Given the actions of decorated Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh, this may in fact be a problem worth looking into.

P.S. Speaking of neo-Nazis, for a quick laugh check out this article on a recent hate crime in California. It’s good to see that the white power people are still recruiting the best the white race has to offer.


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