Sunday, May 06, 2007

Get Ready To Be Offended

Writing this blog can have something of a numbing effect. Sure, Fred Phelps still has the ability to shock, but most of these guys are pretty predictable in their statements at this point. A neo-Nazi refers to black children as ‘niglets”. Yawn. Some lefty calls for the murder of random police officers. Heard it before. In a way, I’m glad when people like Donald Wildmon (head of the Christian supremacist American Family Association [AFA]) manage to actually get a rise out of me. It means I still haven’t been completely desensitized to bizarre and repugnant political statements. The offending piece in this case is a short video feature entitled “The Day They Kicked God Out Of The Schools”. It is available for sale (for a “suggested donation” of $5) on the AFA website. The clip (viewable here) places the blame for the recent massacre in Virginia along with other school shootings on several factors including:

1. The banning of official prayers in public schools.

2. Dr. Spock

3. President Clinton.

4. Safe sex education.

5. Child pornography (?).

Of course, this is all complete nonsense. Seung-Hui Cho was suffering from severe mental illness of an unknown nature (although autism has been mentioned as a possibility). At least one of the shooters involved in the Columbine massacre was a sociopath, another form of recognized mental illness. Mental illnesses are sometimes environmentally based, but most often spring from genetic causes. No amount of school-enforced prayer would have likely dissuaded Cho from engaging in his rampage. And I really doubt that presidential adultery, child pornography, condoms, or a lack of parental discipline really had any effect on his state of mind during the shooting. What really pisses me off about this is the fact that Wildmon and others like him are willing to use any tragedy in this country as fodder for their call to turn the U.S. into an officially Christian state.


Blogger concerned heart said...

Will you get offended if I tell you that, yes Seung-hui Cho had autism/childhood schizophrenia which is exactly the same thing. The powers that be removed the diagnosis of childhood schizophrenia from the diagnostic manual and replaced it with autism. The deranged nature of the gunman's mind came from probably many mutations to his father's sperm making cells. His father was 38 or 39 when Seung-hui was born and DNA mutations start rapidly accumulating between the ages of 33 and 35. There is much too much money to be made from psychotics to inform men of the paternal age effect/the male biological clock so more and more crazed kids are born every day. It is so unneccesary because men could have cryobanked sperm and avoided autistic/schizophrenic kids and infertility.

Hopefully one will not create another massacre.
Here is some evidence of my claims.

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