Monday, August 01, 2005

Anarchists Are F*cking Idiots

Sorry about the post title, but they’ve really pissed me off this time. A bunch of anarchists in San Francisco held an anti-G8 protest on July 8th. It rapidly degenerated into a riot, during which several storefronts were vandalized and a cop was severely injured, resulting in his being rushed to the hospital with brain swelling. The twits who helped to organize the protest later published an article lauding what had happened, calling it “militant direct action in response to the oppressive global capitalist system and the state of perpetual imperial war that it has created.” What about the cop who got hurt? “Although the bourgeois media sensationalized the report of an injured officer, they failed to note that every day in the Mission district and all over this white supremacist society, poor people of color are brutalized by the police.” OK, I guess it’s all right for you guys to act like a bunch of thugs them. And what about Shoebiz, the mom-and-pop store whose front window you broke? They had it coming you see, because it’s “a Valencia St. store that is an agent of gentrification.” In other words, the people who own it are white. The essay ends with a rousing call:
Don't Wait for Instructions, Don't Ask for Permission Resist the System! Free your Desires and Take Action Now Realize your Dreams and Destroy the Capitalist Nightmare!

Could we just destroy the anarchists instead?


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kill yourself - save your nation

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