Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chai Vang Heads For The Slammer

Chai Vang, as you might remember from this post, is a Laotian immigrant who became a cause celebrity of the American far left after he killed six white hunters in Wisconsin. Today his claims of self-defense were rejected by a jury, which found him guilty of murder. He now faces six mandatory life terms in prison. I can only hope that this case fades quickly from our collective memories. I do however fear that leftists who defended Vang before the trial will continue to do so, and drag this whole thing out for years to come. They would no doubt make much of the fact that an all-white jury convicted Vang, and claim that he was railroaded by a white judicial system in which a person of color can never get a fair trial. I can already see the benefit albums, bumper stickers, and celebrity appeals that invariably follow the incarceration of a person whom the left claims has been falsely convicted. And all for a person who (like almost every convicted killer defended by the far left) is clearly guilty.


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