Thursday, July 13, 2006

The National Socialist Movement Makes A Deal With The Devil

Cliff Herrington

Remember this column from a couple of months back in which I suggested that The National Socialist Movement (NSM) was the new white power group to watch in the U.S.? Well, never mind. The group looks to have suffered a major blow this week as the result of scandal that is being refered to in white supremacist circles as “Satan Gate”. The trouble started when it came to light that NSM member Andrea Herrington (wife of NSM co-founder and chairman Cliff Herrington) is the High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministry. Even worse, the satanic sect and the NSM branch in Tulsa, OK share the same P.O. Box. The Joy of Satan seems to be kind of a creepy group even by Satanist standards: There are allegations of borderline pedophilic activities within the group’s “Teens for Satan” program, and other Satanists are quite critical of the Joy of Satan’s obvious Nazi leanings.

In response to this revelation, Bill White, the group’s most prominent member, resigned (or was expelled, depending on who you ask). Predictably, White’s gossip-oriented website is now filled with scurrilous accusations aimed at his former comrades in the NSM. Michael Blevins, the NSM’s media leasion, also quit. Then rejoined. Then quit again. All within a 48 hour period. He now claims that he is out for good and will found a new neo-Nazi organization, possibly with Bill White’s help. The new group, according to Blevins, will have much snazzer uniforms. As for the NSM, you know times are getting tough when the group has to post a promenent notice on their website declaring “The NSM is not a Satanic Organization”. Well, that’s a releif.


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