Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jesus Wants You To Spank Your Wife

I love the internet. How else would I have ever discovered the wonder and hilarious beauty that I found on the Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) website? Practitioners of religious domestic discipline are Christian right wingers who believe the bible gives them permission to dominate their wives and enforce their domination through ritualistic spankings. Most of the people who practice this lifestyle maintain that the spankings are designed to enforce the husband’s leadership in the household, and not as a form of sexual stimulation. The CDD website (which is the largest domestic discipline site on the web) does admit that “Though we recognize by its very nature this subject can be erotic, we will keep this website as clean and wholesome as possible. However, we will not seek to deny the erotic nature of some CDD marriages, as we believe it is a natural consequence of following God's plan. After all, He created eroticism to be enjoyed inside a Christian marriage.” Several Christian family sites have published articles attacking the practice, with one noting flatly that “Domestic discipline is BDSM [Bondage & Discipline/Sadism & Masochism].” The author goes on to state that “Domestic discipline is based on misinterpretations of the bible” and “If you are in a domestic discipline marriage please seek counseling so that you can make an informed, rational decision about your marriage relationship.” It’s difficult to make a guess as to how many persons are involved with this lifestyle, but the fact that Christian advice sites feel the need to write about it shows that their numbers must be significant. It’s also worth mentioning that most of the people who practice domestic discipline most likely don’t qualify as political extremists. Yet it still fills me with a perverse joy to know that at least some of the dominionists and reconstructionists out there are engaging in what they see as biblically endorsed kinky sex.


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