Monday, June 11, 2007

Extreme Politics News Roundup

Two of the Nazi f*ckwits who took part in the killing that led to the “Skinhead Slayer” story reported on here earlier were both sentenced to more than twenty years in prison a couple of weeks ago. It was revealed that while in jail the defendants made phone calls in which they mocked the murdered boy’s funeral and talked about beating people up in prison. Truly a couple of class acts.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has posted the court documents detailing the charges against Kevin Strom on their website. And let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. Strom apparently stalked a ten-year-old girl, writing her poems and love songs, including the line “my love for her is not a sin”. A secret witness (who can only be Strom’s ex-wife Elisha) has testified that he is in fact an admitted pedophile. As Strom is the former head of National Vanguard and a fairly prominent white power theorist, this is all a bit embarrassing for the white nationalists out there. Perhaps predictably, I haven’t been able to find a word about this on any of the white power discussion boards.

And in one more piece of neo-Nazi news, it turns out that Jason Kenneth Hamilton, the man who carried out the shooting rampage in Moscow, Idaho a few weeks back that resulted in the deaths of three people was card-carrying member of the Aryan Nations. Given that the group probably doesn’t have more than a hundred dues paying members at this point, this says something about the losers who did decide to stick around.

Speaking of losers, the Red and Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) recently announced that they had forwarded the cause of the revolution by injecting industrial adhesive into 150 parking meters in Lexington, Kentucky. The RAAN press release urged readers to agitate “FOR SOCIAL EQUALITY THROUGH SOCIAL UNREST! UP THE NIHILISTIC ATTACK ON SOCIAL ORDER!” OK guys, I’ll get right on that. But could you please not use both anarchist and Soviet symbols on your logo? You stupidity is actually making my head hurt.


Blogger ALLSovereign said...

I guess if America loving conservatives can shop Wal*Mart and buy from Communist China Anarchist might also adopt the behavior.

The star in Wal*Mart is Communist Red, Chinese Communist Red and everyone who shops there is a communist, eh comrades??

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