Monday, July 02, 2007

Farfour Meets His End

Mickey Mouse is dead-got kicked in the head


Sorry to keep harping on the Hamas version Mickey Mouse, but it’s just too good a story to ignore. It seems that the last episode of Farfour’s show, Tomorrow's Pioneers, depicts the unlucky mouse as being beaten to death by an Israeli soldier after he refuses to sell his land to the Zionists. This is a fitting end for Farfour, who exposed Palestinian children to violent rhetoric and encouraged them to aspire to martyrdom. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a clip of the fatal beating on the internet, so I can only guess as to how graphic it actually was (if anyone has a link, please send it my way). I will admit that this whole thing does show that the radical Muslims have one cultural edge over us: they aren’t afraid to send their cartoon characters to a violent death. Just imagine what they could have done to the Smurfs…


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