Monday, July 09, 2007

Adolph Hitler Continues To Spin In His Grave

There’s a great line from the film Spawn in which a minion of Satan expresses his distain for the Dark Prince’s followers: “Why does God get all of the cool people and Satan gets all the losers?” Adolph Hitter, roasting in his own personal hell, must have similar feelings regarding the quality the people who are currently trying to carry on his legacy on earth. Consider for example the group Public Enemy Number One. Even it’s acronym, PENI, tends to invoke a less than serious response. The a neo-Nazi organization started out as an offshoot of the southern California punk scene, but quickly became involved with drug running and other serious criminal activity. PENI formed alliances with the Aryan Brotherhood and other prison gangs, and began to come to the attention of law enforcement. When one of the group’s founders was murdered in 2002 after he discussed the gang’s activities with a news crew, the police executed several warrants on members’ homes. In addition to guns and drugs, the cops found a “hit list” with the names of a judge, prosecutors, and several police officers. A member of PENI is currently on trial in California, accused of the murder the groups co-founder. Some of the testimony given by PENI members is priceless:

"I'm drunk all the time," one young defense witness offered as an excuse for her amnesia on the stand.

"What do you mean?" the judge interrupted.

She said she went nowhere without a bottle of whiskey and a bag of marijuana.

When it was his turn on the stand, a gang member and key government witness testified that he was drunk on vodka when he drove his car through a line of Huntington Beach police cruisers in 2005 and led officers on an hour-long chase to San Diego before his arrest.

"I wanted to finish my drink. And smoke some cigarettes," the witness explained.

But the cream of the crop appears to be PENI member Billy Joe Johnson, who is described in less than flattering terms:

Missing two front teeth and sporting a Mohawk haircut and mutton-chop sideburns, Johnson said he fancied himself "Costa Mesa's True Individual," a nickname tattooed on his upper stomach.

The name is above an eagle and a swastika around his navel, and below lightning bolts and crosses on his neck.

Johnson acknowledged on the stand that he had beaten a man to death with a hammer, a crime for which he is now serving 45 years to life in prison.

With folks like these bearing the banner of National Socialism, I don’t think we need worry about the coming of a Nazi revolution anytime soon.


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don't be so quick to pass judgement on these movements,they can be a well oiled,organised machine,their members span the globe,not all of them are at the bottom of the social ladder.a true fanatic will keep his beliefs quiet until they are needed.(just a thought)

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