Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bill White: Neo-Nazi Rebel Or Protected Informant?

I’ve mentioned Bill White a few times previously on this site, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has just published a detailed biography on the man. He’s a true rabble-rouser, a white power activist who actually succeeds in pissing off and offending his fellow racists. His website, overthrow.com, has served for years as the Internet’s best source of gossip on the white supremacist scene. Some of what he printed was true, much of it not, but it was always entertaining. White has also acted as a disruptive force within racist organizations, most recently causing trouble within the National Socialist Movement, leading to his censure and resignation from the group. White has recently gained much media attention as a result of his online threats directed against just about anyone who displeases him, as well as the posting or his target’s phone numbers and home addresses. As the SHAC 7 found out a while ago, the federal government has recently shown no compunction in charging political activists with crimes as a result of posting online threats. This raises the question of why White has never been indicted as the result of his activities. One explanation is that he has been very lucky. The second is that he is an FBI informant. Given the recent revelation that the caustic racist Hal Turner was on the fed’s payroll, it doesn’t seem to be too much of a stretch to think that White might be cashing in on the same racket. Even if he is not in fact working for the government, they could hardly ask for a better ally than White, who has succeeded in disrupting the white nationalist movement in the US better than any other single individual.

Monday, March 17, 2008

John McCain Ponders A Running Mate

Sorry to mention David Duke again, but I just found this bit of weirdness on the Internet and had to share. This site claims to be in favor of putting together a Republican Party “dream ticket”: John McCain and David Duke. There are a couple of ways to interpret this. It could all be a big joke, played by leftists intending to highlight McCain’s “fascist” attitudes. Similarly, it could be meant as an attack on the GOP nominee, hoping that some gullible voters accept the idea as plausible. The thing about satire and political attacks is that they are usually pretty easy to spot. Weather the object is humor or an attack, the writers always push it a little too hard, saying things that no serious author would suggest. Given the tone of this site, it’s either on of the most straight-faced parody pieces ever, or, more likely, it’s completely serious. Assuming they mean what they write, the site’s authors are clearly out of touch with political reality. The idea of McCain even accepting an endorsement from a known racist like Duke, let alone adding him to his ticket, is absurd. And for what it’s worth, Duke has said that given McCain’s stances on illegal immigration, Israel, and other racial issues, Duke would “put his fingers into a fire” before voting for him. So who will Duke support in the general election? He’s leaning towards Ralph Nader.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Long, Strange Trip Of Chris McIntosh

Extremist groups tend to attract persons who are somewhat unstable, and many members of these groups will in fact radically change their lifestyles over a very short period of time. Even more amazingly, some will do a complete 180-degree turn in their politics without a second thought. Consider the case of Chris “Dirt” McIntosh. He started off as an Earth Liberation Front/Animal Liberation Front terrorist, and was convicted in 2005 of firebombing a McDonald’s location in Seattle and sentenced to eight years in prison. He received support from the Earth Liberation Front prisoner network (ELP) as well as other anarchist organizations. After a few years, McIntosh began to downplay his anarchist connections while still appealing for correspondence and funds from the outside. He stated that he could not understand “why the foremost natural law – might makes right – is not held paramount [in the anarchist movement]. The fact we have no inherent rights other than what we conquer through our manifest physical will.” This is an unusual opinion within anarchist circles, given most anarchists’ egalitarian beliefs. Perhaps even more ominously, McIntosh stated, “Ignorant behavior finds some way to oppress you no matter where you turn and creates high race tension. I have fought hard and long to combat within myself the anger and hatred caused by this tension.” Given these statements, perhaps it is not surprising that the ELP recently urged its supporters to break off contact with him. The group claims that it has letters from McIntosh in which he “uses highly offensive racist language and referred to black people as ‘fucking mud people’. In his letters McIntosh talks about white supremacy and how he would be prepared to die for white supremacy. We understand he has also talked to other supporters about his belief in white supremacy.” Further, and perhaps most horribly, they claim that he has begun eating meat. The organization therefore declares “on the grounds that McIntosh is a racist, sexist, meat eating, white supremacist, who believes it is okay for the strong to bully the weak and it is okay for a man to rape a woman, ELP is permanently ending our support for Christopher 'Dirt' McIntosh.” Perhaps “Dirt” will find the support he’s looking for among the white supremacists he seems ideologically drawn to. They have their own prisoner support networks, and their women are often a bit better groomed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

In A Shocking Announcement, David Duke Declares He Will Not Support Barack Obama

In what must be a great letdown for Barack Obama, former KKK leader and noted white nationalist David Duke today declared that he in fact will not be supporting the senator in his bid to become the first black president of the United States. Duke notes that while many persons take Obama at his word when he says he can unite all Americans, “…does Obama really mean it? Or, is it just another lie in what must qualify as the most hypocritical profession on earth: politics.” Duke, a former state representative, as well as a past candidate for the US Senate and presidency, went on to state that: “Compelling evidence shows that Barack Obama is an Afro-American whose ultimate loyalty is not to ‘all the people of the United States,’ but primarily to his fellow African-Americans.” Duke is admirable in pointing out that we must reject candidates for public office who espouse openly racist rhetoric. He rightly implies that a candidate who preaches a vision of racial harmony and togetherness should receive a rousing statement of support from the public, regardless of that person’s race or creed. Indeed, David Duke’s past actions and statements reveal a person deeply concerned with creating a nation in which all persons are equally accepted and loved, regardless of their race, religion, or political viewpoint.