Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Sexual Implications Of Protest

While on one of my seemly endless link treks across the great expanse of YouTube, I came across this clip taken an anti-war protest in Tacoma, Washington last March. It vividly illustrates the bizarre symbiotic relationship that often exists between police officers and persons on the extreme left. The protestors face a line of cops in what appears to be an empty field. They taunt, chant, insult, and generally try to piss off the police. After the protestors try to push back the police line, and cops finally respond with the predictable barrage of rubber bullets and mace. The protestors have the nerve to act shocked, and scream to all who will listen about the outrage they have just been subjected to. In one of the accompanying clips filmed prior to the violence, the lefties claim the cops are violating their rights because their “medics” are not allowed to bring their backpacks into the protest area. The presence of these hippies with first aid training posing medical professionals indicates that they expected to take causalities. So why the shock when the police inflict those causalities? The answer of course is their need for martyrdom. There are all kinds of ways of protesting the war that might be more effective than this one. Yet they choose a method of protest that almost ensures their own injury. This illustrates the perverse pleasure many leftists experience when they are brutalized by authority figures. They revel in their weakness, and in fact seem to enjoy it.

Of course, the cops also play a their own part in this pseudo-sexual drama. They fulfill their own need for power and dominance by cracking the heads of a bunch of unarmed (if obnoxious) hippies. They make no effort to try to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and instead use brutal tactics to sate their sadistic needs. It’s a perverse dynamic. But it is one that is actually quite consensual in its nature.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Black Nazi? Well, Why Not?

In what has become a fairly commonplace occurrence within the white supremacist subculture, yet another prominent neo-Nazi has been found to have a less then pure racial pedigree. This time it was William Hoff Jr. (AKA “Wild Bill”), a member of the original American Nazi Party and an active white supremacist since the 1950’s. Hoff had in recent years been an associate of the National Socialist Movement, and was named as the party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate just hours before being killed in a car wreck outside of Kansas City, MO. Now Hoff’s brother Sheldon has revealed that his genealogical research has shown an unmistakable trace of African-American ancestry in the family’s history. Of course, William Hoff’s old comrades are crying foul, claiming that Sheldon never approved of his brother’s politics, and is now seeking a form of posthumous revenge by releasing false information regarding his racial background. Perhaps. Or perhaps you in fact just never know exactly what lurks in your family background until you look.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Three Weeks Among The Righteous

I just got through watching the BBC’s hour-long documentary “The Most Hated Family In America”. Reporter Louis Theroux spent three weeks with the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and in that time he seems to have formed an authentic rapport with several members of that bizzare clan of funeral-protestors. The film is of course interesting on a simple “look at how weird these people’s lifestyle is” freak show level, but Theroux stumbled onto an important truth while doing the film. He came to realize that most of the members of the church are disturbingly normal on a personal level. The Rev. Fred Phelps himself comes across as a bitter, deranged individual who has managed to keep almost all of the members of his immediate family convinced that remaining in his congregation is the only way they can avoid eternal hellfire. The Rev.’s daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper (who runs the church’s day-to-day operations) also comes off as a bit strange, with those staring, unblinking eyes that remind one of the Manson girls. But the rank-and-file members seem like, well, normal people. They where t-shirts and shorts, attend public schools, have cheery dispositions, and generally come across like model white-bread American citizens. It’s only when they open their mouths and start to spew the church’s doctrines that you realize how out of touch these people are. Since they seem at first to be fairly reasonable individuals, Theroux tries to point out the obvious practical and theological problems with their beliefs. Their responses to his criticisms embody the phrase “impervious to logic”. This all proves an important point about religious fanatics and political extremists in general. The people in leadership positions of these organizations, like the Rev. Phelps and his daughter Shirley often are in fact evil, manipulative persons. However, most of the regular members are in fact fairly normal, nice people who just happen to have some very strange beliefs.

By the way, for a quick twisted laugh, check out this South Park-inspired carton created by the Westboro Baptist Church a couple of years back.

P.S. Youtube has pulled most of the clips of Theroux’s documentary from their site (although the first segment is still available at the link posted above) due to “legal action by a third party”. I would assume that party would be the Westboro Baptist Church. Hey guys, if you don’t want him to make a negative documentary, don’t let him hang out with you for three weeks.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Neo-Nazi Meltdown Continues

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to write about my favorite whipping boys, the neo-Nazis. To be truthful, there hasn’t been a whole lot to say of late, but some recent events serve to illustrate how the people in this movement are incapable of even maintaining small organizational structures, let alone leading the white masses into revolution. First came the news that David Gletty, an influential member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) from Florida has in fact been working for FBI as an informant for the last several years, having collected over $200,000 in taxpayer money during that time. The reveling of Gletty’s true allegiance of course only begs the question of how many other informants are currently active in the groups’ ranks. This is just one more hit for the NSM, a group that has gone from being a serious contender for the title of the most effective white power group in the U.S. to being something of a laughingstock. It’s also worth noting that the city government of Orlando was not happy at finding out that Gletty is a government employee, as last year he led a NSM march through the city that cost the town quite a bit of money in security expenses.

One group the NSM will not have to worry about as far as future competition goes is National Vanguard (NV), which officially packed it in last week. The now-defunct group’s webpage states that: “We regret to inform you that National Vanguard (the organization) has been shut down by the Commonwealth of Virginia”. (?) Inside sources suggest that the NV’s inability to get their publishing projects done on time as well as the arrest of the group’s founder Kevin Strom were factors in the group’s demise. Some NV members have started an even smaller web-based organization called European Americans United (catchy name, guys). NV was considered to be one of the most promising splinter groups to break off from the once great National Alliance, and it’s loss makes it less likely that anything approaching a professional National Socialist organization will emerge in the U.S. any time soon.